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One does not understand exactly how far Sarah Brightman has been in the music industry until they pick up a copy of “Diva: The Singles Collection”. Most of the tracks on the disc fall within the two-decade block between eir Phantom of the Opera recording and the current period, so without going into multiple CDs, this disc is as full as it could possibly get. For the Brightman completist, this album is necessary because it collects a number of solid hits from the diva eirself.

However, if a Brightman fan is a completist, chances are that the track list that they would have picked for “Diva: The Singles Collection” may vary. So, we can say this is a solid album for an individual that is just getting into Brightman’s music. The package CD is beautiful, with none of the problems associated with normal greatest hit collections (rushed packaging, lack of pictures, an overall skimpiness on the frills normally tied to a CD). The pictures of Brightman and Brightman’s albums through the year give listeners another dimension in which to see the star, and perhaps even gain allow older fans to get a re-charged appreciation of eir.

While there are times that Brightman has entered the fray of popular music, many of these tracks are those done in a specific way, with a specific audience in mind. It is not as if Brightman conforms to classical opera styles, but that Brightman is something different, something individuals will have to give much more time to to properly get a payoff from “Diva: The Singles Collection”. For Brightman’s next retrospective album, I would like to see something like a B-sides and outtakes album. This would allow individuals to complete their understanding of Brightman as well as get out a few more tracks between the space fo completely new albums. If this album can be released, individuals would be able to pick it up and achieve a level of familiarity with Brightman that will only benefit them when it comes to concert night. Give “Diva: The Singles Collection” a listen if you do not already have all of Brightman’s albums or if you feel that the blend of tracks is the perfect thing to be sticking in the car. If not, stick with the albums that ey has already released and want for a new album of B-sides collection to be released to the world.

Top Tracks: Whiter Shade of Pale, What You Never Knew

Rating: 6.1/10

Sarah Brightman – Diva: The Singles Collection / 2006 Angel / 14 Tracks / / / Reviewed 19 November 2006


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