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Aqua Vit is one of the first spirits that we here at NeuFutur have had that are full-powered (or are relatively full powered) that do not easily fall into a whiskey, gin, vodka, rum type of connotation. The spirit itself is created by the owners of the titular restaurant, which has locations in the United States, Sweden, and Japan. The “type” of Aqua Vit varies dependent on where exactly one would grow up in Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. In much the same way as moonshine varies dependent on whom one is related and where one is at, the Aqua Vit one may be used to varies considerably.

Aquavit Imports (And the restaurant owners themselves) are looking to create one iconic flavor for Aqua Vit, that of the white cranberry varietal that is now available across the United States. Aqua Vit is clear like many vodkas and gins, but contains a much different flavor than either aforementioned type of spirit. The iteration of the Aqua Vit spirit here is different from what is seen by many to be the defining Scandinavian alcoholic spirit, containing a lesser alcoholic bite (70 proof, where many Aqua Vit types are about 80) along with a white cranberry flavor. Individuals will enjoy the spirit most through straight sipping of shots, but the spirit itself will work well mixed in with fruit juices or fruit-flavored sodas.

The bottle itself is a little bit of a conundrum, without anything in the way of recipes or other information regarding how someone should take the spirit. So, if you want to try out something that is different from the normal spirits on the market, but still possesses something that will make everyone appreciate it, the next bottle that you should buy from your local liquor store would have to be Aqua Vit.

Rating: 8.5/10

Aqua Vit (70 Proof) /

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