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“Turn Of The Radio Age” is a somber, slow song that gives listeners a small sample of the allure of Buckfast Superbee. Individuals feel as if they are at the edge of a mountain; they make a plunge that sets them up perfectly for the tempest that is “The Heavy Persuader”. “The Heavy Persuader” is an stellar track that operates that the intersection of punk, melodic rock, and emo music; the sharp edges of the instrumentation here leave clean cuts, ensuring that anyone lucky enough to listen in will be forever changed by Buckfast Superbee. “Denigration As An Art” puts the vocals forth, allowing the instrumentation to fill in any gaps left by them: what comes forth here is something snappy, putting each of the distinct elements of Buckfast Superbee at an equal footage.

Aside from this leveling phenomenon, the band is able to build off of the work of “Smash”-era Offspring to make the track into yet another single-ready song. “Proficiency Breeds Modernization” is a fundamentally different track for Buckfast Superbee on “Turn of the Radio Age”, as the guitars here are opened up, making for an entirely more contemplative track. While “Proficiency Breeds Modernization” may not be the track that listeners remember when it comes to “Turn of the Radio Age”, it is one of the disc’s most important song as it ensures that listeners will be able to take the band’s eclectic nature in stride. “Automatic” is a microcosm of the disc’s first few tracks, with the band slowly building up tension until the glorious release; Buckfast Superbee here make smart nods to acts like Lobster-era Yellowcard and early Unwritten Law.

“Comma 8 Comma 1” is a slower track that gradually becomes more dense and deceptively difficult; the band pays homage to the early, mid-nineties emo scene with this track and modernizes it. This results in a further shot in the arm for “Turn of the Radio Age”, and allows the band to end the disc with authority. Very few albums release in the last few years are able to speak with a new voice, and by imbuing each track on “Turn of the Radio Age” with their influences as well as their own sound, Buckfast Superbee make a special album.

Top Tracks: Denigration As An Art, By Way of the Valley

Rating: 8.3/10

Buckfast Superbee – Turn of the Radio Age / 2009 Walking / 12 Tracks /

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