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“Black Sundress” is the latest single by Wedlock, and long-time readers of NeuFutur will remember our review of Wedlock’s last single “Reverend Charisma” – . This track showcases significant evolution by Wedlock, giving listeners a different facet of the band.

There is a classic sound broached by Wedlock here, ensnaring fans of earlier musical styles. However, rather than reveling in this older style, Wedlock is careful to go forth and keep things contemporary. This makes “Black Sundress” into a single that is fundamentally different from anything else that is currently on the market.

Take on “Reverend Charisma” and “Black Sundress”; I can guarantee that you will still have no clue where the band will go with their next release, be it single, EP, or full length. That is the strongest side of Wedlock, and why exactly they will continue to grow in fame until that time when they are a household name. So, if you are a fan of the aforementioned “Black Sundress”, check Wedlock out live at the Hot Topic at the Cary Towne Center (Cary, North Carolina) June 26th; I feel that they will be as amazing as they are on this track.

Rating: 8.4/10

Wedlock – Black Sundress (Single) / 2009 Self /

Mp3 of Black Sundress

Digital Artwork for Black Sundress

Video for Black Sundress

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