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The Kraken in nautical mythology was a creature so dangerous, living so deep in the ocean that any mariner that would have a chance to meet it would face certain death. The rum is a proper creature worthy of The Kraken name, and should be the next spiced rum that makes its way into your liquor cabinet. The Kraken is one evil-looking rum, with the coloration of The Kraken looking dark as all get out, even approaching that of maple syrup.

When one opens it, the nose that is present is similarly intense, with hints of smoke, molasses, and even chocolate syrup. The spiced rum burns ever so well whenever we here at NeuFutur had the chance to sample The Kraken, regardless of whether we there it in a shot glass or took a slower approach on the rocks. Shots went down deceptively easy, likely due to the fact that there is a sludginess that moderates any burn that may normally be present in a rum. However, I found the best attraction for The Kraken to be a simple can of Coke or Pepsi, with a Mojito formulation with The Kraken to be a completely different beast from any other Mojito we’ve had in the past.

The price of The Kraken is at a point that is immediately approachable for anyone that can purchase other spiced rum, whether it be Lady Bligh or Kilo Kai. However, The Kraken is much (much) better than either of these rums, and should always be searched out whenever one makes their sojourn down to their local liquor store.

Rating: 8.4/10

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum (94 Proof) / Spiced Rum /

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