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It seems as if many cherry-flavored alcohols tend to taste like cough syrup. I’m not sure if companies feel emboldened to go forth and make a half-arsed cherry iteration of one of their products, but it is very common . However, as Bacardi has moved to reinvigorate their brand, whether it be through changing of the cap (to keep the vodka fresher) or giving a more up to date bottle design on the label. Simply put, what Bacardi has done here is create a new level at which companies should work when it comes to shaking up their flagship product.

The rum itself begins with an assertive cherry nose that far outstrips any alcohol flavor that may be present. At first blush, this may be enough to drive potential imbibers away – there really is a lot of cherry in the nose to deal with. Should individuals be brave enough to go forward with the initial taste (and by all means, they should), the initial Torched Cherry flavor has a healthy presents of syrup and smoke rum linked inexorably with a mild (and natural) cherry touch. Whether it is the torched aloe or the natural flavor of the rum, what comes forth as an aftertaste is something woody and slightly biting, closing off the flavor with something exciting.

The nuanced flavor of the Bacardi Torched Cherry is so intricate, in fact, that having it in a mixed drink or on the rocks will provide a wholly different experience. The mixed drink experiences that one can have with the Bacardi Torched Cherry are numerous. I would have to suggest revitalizing the rum drinks that one knows and loves with the Torched Cherry. Where rum and Coke is a pretty done type of drink, slipping in the Torched Cherry results in a drink that is unlike Cherry Coke and seems more as if one is teleported back to the days when a soda jerk still put the flavored syrups in one’s pop. Regardless of how one wants to use it, Bacardi Torched Cherry represents a great step forward for the Bacardi line, creating a spirit that should be in everyone’s liquor cabinet.

Rating: 8.5/10

Bacardi Torched Cherry (Rum) / 70 Proof /

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