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The repetition that starts out “Dying Sounds” is on the verge of being unbearable; there can only be so many times that a band can expect a riff to win over the crowd. A number of times on “Pleasure of Consumption”, especially during tracks like “Blood For Blood” “the drumming moves beyond the realm of what can be done a human and honestly sounds as if someone looped the hits using a program like Cakewalk. “Life Organs Transplantation” seems to be the first track of Incarnated’s to really strike fans, as there are a number of different styles present throughout that make their presence felt during this track.

Moving away from the repetition of previous tracks considerably helps Incarnated win over some new fans at this point. While the majesty of Incarnated’s music can be easily heard, the production of this disc seems to be unnecessarily compressed. This means that everything sounds a little tinnier than it should be, with some instruments (the drums) being more tinny sounding than other (the rhythm guitar). “Blood Sign” is another of these tracks that further increases Incarnated’s stock, especially considering the use of the different speaker channels to really get individuals into the track. By the time that “Dead House” gets into the midst of things, one can actually hear a groove present in the screaming and guitar work present on this track that makes the song into one of the most unlikely dance tracks.

There is forty-six minutes of music for individuals to listen to; what seems to be the biggest thing that Incarnated will struggle with in the future is the creation of different-sounding compositions that will nonetheless create a common sound on the band’s next album. When the band is on (during songs like “Human Meat”), there is virtually nothing that they can do wrong. Even the high amount of repetition during this track is moderated by the use of differing sounds throughout the track. The band has been around for thirteen years, so I would have to pose that it is not any problem with their maturity level that creates the most in the way of issue with “Pleasure of Consumption”. Rather, it seems that Incarnated is so comfortable with their style that there are only a few times where output by the band can honestly be said to innovate and shine through the rest of the material here.

Top Tracks: Blood For Blood, Blood Sign

Rating: 5.2/10

Incarnated – Pleasure of Consumption / 2006 Selfmadegod / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 11 March 2006


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