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“Age of Miracles”, the first track off of “Common Splendor”, is a fun little bit of alternative rock. Feldiken create a special musical style that takes up equal parts They Might Be Giants and Ben Folds, all while keeping their unique sound present. “Age of Miracles” has each element of the band working perfectly together, whether it be the vocals, splashy drums, synthesizer, or guitar. “Together In This Groove” changes things up considerably, with the inclusion of ambient synthesizers and a bass groove that is absolutely sick. While bits and pieces of this track feel pulled out of the sevfenties or early eighties, the Death Cab-sounding vocals here ensure that this track firmly resides in the here and now. With a college radio-ready single under their belt, Feldiken come forth with the titular EP track.

“Common Splendor” takes listeners out to a folksy, alt-country (and violin-lead) groove. Coming back to the They Might Be Giants well, marrying it to the aforementioned Uncle Tupelo / Defiance, Ohio instrumental amalgam, Feldiken keep flying high. While “Everybody Loves You” is the shortest track on “Common Splendor”, Feldiken is able to cram it full with the most honest and earnest emotion that they can. The tender arrangements tie together both normal and falsetto-level vocals, while a narrative is weaved between the darker and lighter side of the instrumentation here.

“The Future” is the final track on “Common Splendor”, beginning with an absolutely sizzling guitar line that matches in quality anything strung together by a Stevie Ray Vaughan or Santana. Far from the work of either of those artists, “The Future” is futuristic in terms of the mélange of different styles, sounds, and approaches that Feldiken insert. More than that, the eclectic style of “The Future” bodes well for the band, as listeners will have absolutely no clue where exactly the band will go on their next release. The one thing that fans will know after listening to this work is that Feldiken will never disappoint.

Top Tracks: Age of Miracles, Together in this Groove

Rating: 8.6/10

Feldiken – Common Splendor / 2010 Self / 6 Tracks /

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