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The world of free online first person shooters is a bleak place, full of oddly cartoonish games with slow paces, goofy weapons, and an overall feeling of awkwardness. As poorly as many of these games stack against their non-free competition, you have to give it to the developers for trying, and sometimes they make a gem. One of these few and far between beauties is called Urban Terror.

Like so many games that exist in the non-market of freeware, Urban Terror (or UT) began it’s life as a mod in 2007. Built using the ioquake3 engine, UT was released as a standalone game by FrozenSand as has remained one the top games of it’s sort.

Much like Counter Strike, UT game play revolves around a Terrorist Vs. Anti-Terrorist situation. The game is strictly online multi-player and has several modes of play including well known modes like team death-match and capture the flag.

Aside from being free, UT offers some great game play, allowing players to play hard and fast, picking off enemies as they jump and slide throughout the map; or slow and precise, using tact and the ever favorite sniper rifle. What the game lacks in realism (super human speed and jumping, healing, and sniping) it makes up for by being fun as hell. It’s very easy to get lost in this game, letting time fly by until suddenly it’s late and you realize you’ve just spent hours playing.

UT is one of the more PC friendly games out there, letting players do just about anything to pinch recourse’s, you can even turn the image of your gun off as well as the usual graphics adjustments. The game will run on just about any system built after the year 2000, and probably some built before then, and it runs on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Once you get the game downloaded and fired up, you will find online thousands of servers, each with unique map cycles and game play rules. The game comes bundled with a handful of well made, fun maps, and as well as this players can make maps and even import them from other games such as World of Padman. The Padman maps are especially fun, giant reconstructions of every day places like kitchens, the players are dwarfed by common items like drinking glasses and books, it reminds you of playing war games as a kid at home.

With FPS games costing near enough to one hundred dollars a pop, not everyone can usually get in on the action. Luckily there are games like Urban Terror for all us cheap/poor folks to dally away our time on, and since the game is in constant development, things only look to be getting better.

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