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With the recent advent of the AppStore now available for the Mac, there have been a flood of really useful Apps that once were hidden by obscurity that are now getting some well deserved time in the spot light. One such App is DaisyDisk. DaisyDisk is a utility that does one thing, and does it very well. The App searches your hard drive, or even your jump drives, and then displays a very attractive and easy to read graphic that shows just how much space on your computer you really are devoting to the digitizing of your old Elvis Presley 45’s.

This App is one of those Apps that should win awards for both it’s beauty and it’s simplicity. Start up the App and the App will do a very quick scan of available drives and it gives you the option to pick which one you want to dive into more intently. Once the App scans the hard drive, in depth, you will see your whole computer’s contents displayed out in a flower sort of array. Each of the different colored petals, if you will, can be clicked on to Go deeper into the root of your folders. Each new folder generates a new flower for you. There is also a very nice, and clean list of all of the items that are being displayed on the right of the graphic on the left. It’s very nice to see the breakdown everything and know where it all is.

This App is definitely best in class for this type of utility. This App not only looks good, but it is very effective. I have used other Apps for the same purpose, and they are very confusing, packed full of ugly GUIs and hard to read graphics. The best thing about DaisyDisk is the price. Thanks to the terms of the Mac AppStore, you can outfit ALL of your personal Macs with Daisy Disk for just $19.99 and if they update the App, all updates will be free. One of the other nice features where Daisy Disk really outshines some other free Apps I’ve used in the past is this; If you find a file, and you don’t know what it is, Daisy Disk can open that file and show you what it is. Plus if you have determined that you are wasting space by having two back up copies of your last attempt at the next great American novel, you can quickly drag and drop that file into a collection zone on the bottom left of the screen to be deleted post haste. It even is nice enough to tell you how much is collected, so you know exactly how much room you are freeing up by ridding the world of that awful thing you wrote last summer while drunk. Overall this App is a winner, and I give it a perfect ten. From it’s great use of multi touch gestures to open, close, or go back and forth through file trees, to it’s great visuals, and down to it’s easy to use interface, this App is on my list of must have Mac Apps.

App Receives a 10 out of 10 possible points.

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