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“Read the Fine Print” begins with an absolutely smooth bit of funk, blues, and jazz that will ease listeners into the unique sound presented them by the Wolfe Gang. With an absolutely lush production, the Wolfe Gang have a tremendous amount of momentum going into “Everyone”. “Everyone” changes things up considerably, with a bit of punchy percussion that allows for a sultry, almost Tom Waits meets John Morrison type of vocal to dominate. As was the case with “Read the Fine Print”, the band’s talent is considerably enough to tie everything together while keeping listeners on the edges of their seats.

“Get on Home to You” opens up intricately, with guitars, horns, and other strings calling forth seventies pop-rock. The band speaks to the current period with the timeless quality of their music, briefly touching upon different genres and styles of music even as they continually forge forward with their fresh sound. “Another Sunday Morning” is a track that will show listeners that the band puts in their all at all points during the album, rather than allowing things to grind to a halt. With “Everybody’s Got One”, the Wolfe Gang make for an interesting second half of “Read the Fine Print”.

Where a great many of the tracks on the album came from a jazz or blues background, the style of “Everybody’s Got One” skirts close to country just as much as honky-tonk. The disc ends with the reggae-infused “Three Little Birds”, a track that ends things interestingly; listeners will have no idea where the Wolfe Gang will go with their later recordings. If they have had a chance to listen to all of the tracks on “Read the Fine Print”, the one thing that they will know is that all music that will be released by the band will be cut from the same stellar cloth as that found on this disc. Pick up “Read the Fine Print” today, check out their live dates, and see where the Wolfe Gang go in the next few years.

Top Tracks: Read the Fine Print, Get on Home to You

Rating: 8.4/10

Wolfe Gang – Read the Fine Print (CD) / 2011 Self / 14 Tracks /

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    My name is Gene and I’m the drumer for the wolfe gang. Thank you for the reveiw and checking us out. I have a queston about trying to go to are page from here. I clicked on and it does’t take me their. Is this because we aren’t on myspace or mybe because we are the wolfe gang. Is this just a page ya’ll have. Thanks again for the reveiw and checking us out.


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