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Before using the Bodyminder, I pretty much just jotted down my workout on a piece of paper and hoped that it did not get lost. The Bodyminder is the perfect addition to the workout, as it ensures that exercise-minded individuals will be able to continually build their workouts up. Each part of the book has a tremendous amount of information to jot down, whether it be whether the individual stretched, their heart rate, muscle group trained, or the type of workout that is being done.

There are spots for information that can be gathered throughout the day, whether it be the other exercises that were done before entering the gym, the amount of water drank, and a bar for how much of an exerciser’s goals have been completed. Check out their website to see what features the Bodyminder contains, and whether it would be a good fit for you. I feel that the $10-ish price of the Bodyminder is sufficiently low that anyone that is concerned with increasing the quality or intensity of their workout.

The heavier stock of the cover and the spiral bound of the book will ensure that it can take a tremendous amount of punishment in a gym bag or being carried around the workout center without getting too dog-eared or beaten down. Check it out today.

Rating: 9.0/10

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