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Roses Are Red have been around for a few years; I remember having a copy of their last album in my closet for months. This is the band’s return to the big time. The disc opens up with “These Days”, which is a track that while having a catchy melody at points does not have quite the raw energy of a song like “Failing”. “Failing” has very confident guitar riffs that push the band forward, and the extended instrumental opening allows individuals to fully understand the ability of Roses Are Red in a way that a vocal track would obscure.

The vocals are a vocal point on “Failing”, and it is this back and forth between the guitars/drums and the vocals provides the dynamic tension that keeps individuals rocking along heavily. The band comes forth as a blend of acts like Yellowcard and The Offspring, while songs like “Giving It All Tonight” add an emotion that is paralleled in the later work of bands like The All-American Rejects. Each of the tracks on “What Became Of Me” allows Roses Are Red to create a really radio-friendly yet intricate sound that is purely their own. The band may not have the immediate radio hit or anything on this album, but each of the tracks will cause listeners to be captured, with eyes locked on the band as they play each following track.

The band has came forward considerably from their lat album, but their trajectory seems to be one in which this album shows individuals that the band has the talent to progress, but does not have that progression present. Thus, tracks like “Bring Me Down” may have a great increase in the tempo of the track, but there is not that one thing that clicks that can legitimately bring Roses Are Red up a few notches. As was said, the band has the ability to make themselves equals to acts like Brand New, and it will just take listeners to the next album to see if the band has been able to capitalize on the structures that they installed during the last (this) disc. I have no doubt that the band would be intense live, as some of the spontaneous elements of the act that are slightly muted here would be able to shine with all the luster with which they should shine. Pick this disc up just to see where Roses Are Red are going.

Top Tracks: Just Say The Words, Failing

Rating: 5.4/10

Roses Are Red – What Became of Me / 2006 Trustkill / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 19 October 2006


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