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The ease in which Fiery Blue moves across different genres is absolutely amazing; it takes just a few seconds for the act to shift gears and link together country, rock, and even pop music into a cohesive and coherent approach. Our Secret is a title that will give something to everyone, no matter what types of music one fancies themselves to appreciate.

Our Secret is one of those special titles in which every track works; where many albums tend to peter out at about the half-way mark, Fiery Blue’s efforts just seem to get stronger with each subsequent track. Our two favorite tracks – I’ve Just Seen a Face and Little Red Shoes – provide the second half of the disc with a tremendous amount of momentum. This ensures that listeners stick with the disc until the last strains of While the Music Plays finishes up. While the Music Plays is a track that acts in a transitory fashion – while it provides complete closure for Our Secret, it provides listeners with a look into the styles and approaches that the band will take on subsequent releases.

Fiery Blue comes forth on their Our Secret in a substantially different way than other titles that we have heard in that each track – whether it be Little Red Shoes, Tears are Blue or Sharpshooter – has such an intense emotional content to it. The different vocals contribute only a small portion of the whole that listeners receive when listening to the title; every side of the act brings a different facet to what is a varied and always fulfilling sound. Our Secret touches upon a very distinct blend of influences and styles; by the time that listeners are finished with the album, they will be intimately familiar with the act and will crave more from their neck of the woods. Make it a point to pick up Our Secret either from the band or from different online retailers; I would venture that their live show will bring forth previously unseen sides of what is already a pretty heady and fulfilling act.

Top Tracks: I’ve Just Seen a Face, Little Red Shoes

Rating: 9.0/10

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