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I believe that the Pentax Optio RS1500 is a smart buy for anyone save for professional photographers. While there are features like the removable faceplate that will appease the fashion-conscious, I believe that the camera itself contains more than enough functionality to keep it competitive over the course of the next few years. For those that wish to use their camera for multiple functions, the style of video that is captured is nothing less than top notch (720P).

This is due to the camera’s 14 megapixel sensor, which can be dialed up or down depending on the style of pictures that an individual wants. Purchasers are given an additional route to customization through the presence of a lens that zooms considerably.

Control of the zoom is a little hit and miss the first few times that one uses the camera, but the learning curve required for the Optio RS1500 is incredibly small. The colors captured by the film are rich and realistic; no matter what amount of light or conditions an individual finds themselves, the pictures that come forth from the Optio RS1500 will be sharp and eye-popping. For those that want to ensure that the pictures that they take are correct, the large LCD screen on the back of the camera (3.0 inches) will make it easy to properly key in. For those that are easily confused by the sheer amount of options that are available to them, the presence of an Auto Picture mode works well in ensuring that the right settings are chosen to make for the best possible pictures. At a hair below $150, this just seems perfect for anyone that may have a birthday coming up or still needs a gift to top off their holiday stockings.


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