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There is not a band that has came out with a title this year that comes forth in such a unique way as Frank. There is no easy way to categorize the band, which ties themselves to the B-52s, R.E.M., Fastball, and even classic acts like Queen and The Rolling Stones. With each track on this album, Frank comes one step close to showcasing this unique flair. Peace Out is the first track on Here Together, and it maintains a current and contemporary sound even with using a traditional production.

This production is not heard often, but sounds so much better than that present on Billboard-charting bands’ releases. Instead of increasing the volume on a track like Old or Home, the production properly cradles the recording and allows each segment of the band to control their own destiny. Where new music has a tendency to sound off-putting, Frank’s Here Together will have listeners singing along before their third or fourth listen. The dynamism that is first heard during Peace Out continues into Shine, a track that succeeds based on the finesse exhibited by the act.

The band is able to build off of the work of The Barenaked Ladies and Tonic while touching upon the rich sound of soul and even psychedelic rock. The sheer number of layers that are presented to listeners on Here Together is substantial, and will require that listeners give their full attention to what the band is attempting to do. While there is still much to enjoy with casual listening, Frank is one of those bands that has an overarching style that they would like to apply to their recordings. Cracks marks the half-point of the disc, and it is a track that showcases the depth of the influences and styles that are salient to the band. This funk-Cake track has a perfect groove, lead through an absolutely sizzling bit of guitar work and fostered on by the 70s rock styling that the band peppers in. Frank is a band that fans can get behind, and I would strongly suggest picking up their album if their unique style sounds amenable to you.

Top Tracks: How ‘Bout Now, Another Song Another Night

Rating: 8.1/10

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