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The interplay that is created by Goese and Neill on their Songs For Persephone ensures that the CD will remain in a purchaser’s player for months to come. This is not noticed only in the instrumental side of things, but also through the whole effort that follows from the disc’s initial track, Roma. The stylistic choices that are made during Songs For Persephone are nothing less than inspired; blending together disparate genres like 80s new wave and the deepest, darkest sides of indie rock, it is not surprising that tracks like “A Lovely Goodbye” stick with listeners long after the disc finishes.

What may strike listeners the most would have to be the differential threads weaved through the album. Rather than having different trends and topics that follow through the course of an album, Goese and Neill make different collections of songs shine in a slightly different context than one would have if they listened to the entirety of the album.

The final trilogy of songs – New Green, Cusp, and World’s End – create a miniature epic that stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the tracks encountered during Songs For Persephone. The duo may not be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but what issues forth from Songs For Persephone could just be the most compelling music that I have heard this year. Pick this disc up at any well stocked indie rock store, or see which of your favorite online retailers carry copies of the release.

Top Tracks: Roma, Stargazer

Rating: 7.8/10

Mimi Goese and Ben Neill – Songs For Persephone (CD) / 2011 Ramseur / 11 Tracks /

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