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The June Rise create in Good Lion a track that is bouncy and will immediately capture the attention of anyone that may be listening in. Their tender touch during Pull The Arrow will undoubtedly keep fans focused in – the rich instrumentation is what does it. Nothing more than the interactions between the different instruments are need to create some of the most affecting music that we have heard this year. It is the strings during Pull The Arrow that add the most in regards to narration; the band does a great job in marrying tempestuous rock, intense drumming, and more introspective arrangements.

Middlepond keeps with the same high standard; it is the introduction to this track that provides listeners with some of the most dense on the album. The beauty of the June Rise’s effort on Of Raging Waters is the variability that the band achieves. Where a cohesive effort is a bare minimum for bands (and is something that The June Rise creates here), Of Raging Waters can be interpreted variously by those with distinct musical tastes. No matter where someone comes from musically, the tracks on Of Raging Waters will have something for them.

Orange Pink is a strength on the later registers of the album. The vitality in which the band revels here touches upon alternative rock and Latin jazz. While immediately catchy, this track is integral in showcasing the band’s unique qualities. With the quality of the album failing to flag at any point, Of Raging Waters should be seen as the perfect holiday gift. The rich tapestry that The June Rise creates on this album will appease fans of their inimitable style; the level of care that the band takes here will win legions of converts. Purchase this album from the band and see where they go from here – with the countless directions that they take on Of Raging Waters, I personally would like to see what is still up their sleeve.

Top Tracks: Pull The Arrow, Not For Polly

Rating: 8.4/10

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