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At this point, a great many individuals have a Blu-Ray player. Whether in a gaming console or one’s rig, there is a substantial amount of the populace that already has access to the newest format. However, there are always computers being built and there are still a large mass of individuals that do not yet have access to Blu-Ray play. The iHes212, produced by Lite-On, is an inexpensive way to get on board. Rather than being a single-use tool, the iHes212 allows individuals to play and burn DVDs, along with LightScribe capability to make one’s burns that much more professional.

A buffer size of 2 MB ensures that burning and playback will not be problematic, while the design of the iHe 212 is such that some semblance of quiet is preserved. The player is small enough to fit into mini builds, and will keep things uncluttered for those that install it in builds with larger form factors. Playback of Blu-Ray videos was immaculate during our time with the iHes212, no matter whether we used discs from the earliest months of the format to new releases. At a price point of about $100 (with some online retailers creeping below that mark), there is no reason one should not switch out their current DVD burner for the iHes212.

While not about the actual hardware, the exclusive SMART Burn system present here is amazing – it automatically detects the quality of the media that one has inserted and determines the optimum burn speed. This measure decreases the possibility that a burn will fail, while keeping things as speedy as possible. Jump up to the current generation of media playback – buy the iHes212, install it, and see how happy you are with its speed, burning, and playback options.

Rating: 8.5/10

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