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I wanted to be in a band when I was younger. I spent a small time in a few bands, but I always believed that a key thing holding me back was my lack of money. Specifically, I was unable to go and purchase all the different pedals that I needed to truly make my guitar work reach that next level. The Line 6 Mobile In is an add-on for the iPhone and iPad. Just insert your patch cord into the guitar in, and one will be provided with 64 different amps to choose from.

Line 6 actually has emulated a great deal of their products released over the last twenty years, and one can honestly hear the difference between them. Line 6 has also included a tuner to the Mobile In, to ensure that one is spot on. The better quality of the iPhone or iPad over a $10 tuner will make sure that one’s axe is perfectly tuned. The price of the Mobile In is sufficiently low (about $80) that anyone that is truly serious about their craft will be picking one up.

The only thing that I would suggest after picking up the Mobile In would have to be a metal case for the Apple product in question – one would not want their $500-plus toy destroyed by an errant foot, instrument, or microphone. Line 6 has ensured that one is ready to use their Mobile In immediately after receiving it – it comes with all of the cords and cables that one needs. As the hardware already exists, I would personally like to see Line 6 continue to go through their (and any other companies that they could license from) stocks for crazy and otherwise off the wall pedals. Without a weakness to be had, I believe that studio music will be given a serious shot in the arm by the Mobile In.

Rating: 8.9/10

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