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There are a number of different possibilities for an individual to use the TDK BA100 headphones. I believe that they will run circles around other headphones when plugged into a laptop, and they are light enough to work well when one is working out or is on the treadmill. The balanced aspect to the headphones affords this versatility, while the headphones durability makes the list price of $199 seem downright cheap. I believe that one will be able to use these headphones for years before needing a replacement, if not only for the design allowing for rapid tugs. Rather than pulling the headphones out of one ear, the tug will just pivot the headphones. The sound quality on the BA100 headphones is absolutely superb. Voices (if one is watching movies, TV shows, or speeches) are reproduced perfectly, while there is a considerable range of bass, treble, and high / low that these headphones can put out.

We were able to test them constantly over the course of three months; taking them to and from class, the workout center, and the like. The headphones are still immaculate, while minor damage does not seem to phase them. The in-ear format of the headphones may be different for those that are familiar with over-ear designs, but the foam used on these headphones ensures the greatest possible comfort. The presence of the silicone ear bud covers provides a slightly different experience, but I contend that they shine just as brightly using them.

TDK manufactures a wide array of products for computers and audio players; make sure that you are familiar with the extent of their offerings by checking out their website.

Rating: 8.4/10

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