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I feel that one of the biggest detriments to my online and computer gaming has to be the keyboard tat I use. The keyboards that are made fully from plastic or can be found in a $5 bin just cannot compare to the quality that is brought by the Meka G1. This means that the keyboard is rugged as all get out, with it being able to take 50 million keystrokes. The mechanical aspect to the keyboard allows for accurate response to the force that one puts into it, while the lag factor that will lead to a massive wipe or player death is diminished seriously by the Meka G1.

The best inclusion to the Meka G1 has to be the USB hubs that are contained on the keyboard itself. No more does an individual have to bend over and plug in their peripherals. The palm rest is pretty much the only side to the keyboard that I would have changed. It is easy enough to remove and replace, but it would come over whenever I stood the keyboard vertically (to remove dirt and debris).

I believe that the Thermaltake Meka G1 should be purchased for any gamer that is looking to have a foot up on their competition. The increase in response rate, coupled with the mechanical switches that were chosen for this keyboard, make this a must-buy. The MSRP of $130 is small, considering one will be using the keyboard constantly over the course of 3-5 years (if not more; we’ll update whenever we get there). Kudos to Thermaltake for releasing such a solid and sturdy keyboard, especially considering the sheer amount of chaff that is available for buyers. Check out their website for updates to their product line.

Rating: 8.9/10

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