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There is a lot of noise that is typically generated at the 120mm mark on fans. I believe that many individuals have the bottom of the barrel in their computer, which leads to a great amount of the noise that is typically heard. However, Noctua has a solution to this problem. Their NF-P12 PWM kit provides computer builders with strong air displacement and an incredibly small increase in noise from what is provided by the GPU or CPU. This is due to the vortex-control notches that were cut into the fan, which provides a wider array of aural frequencies. This allows for an overall quiet sound, something that dovetails nicely with the small amount of juice that the fan takes up.

The .6W mark of the NF-P12 PWM is about half of what similar fans use; Noctua reports that this
will translate into a 50% savings of the fan’s purchase price over the course of owning the product. We were able to mount the fan in our testing rig, and found that there was considerable cooling over both a no fan and a cheaper (BIN off of eBay, no branding) fan situation.

While not having anything to do with the overall performance of the NF-P12 PWM, I personally liked the sheer amount of cabling possibilities that were present. Essentially, Noctua has made it that anyone that has an open spot leading from their PSU will be able to get the fan up and running. Check out their website (linked above) for a more complete description of the NF-P12 PWM, as well as information about the rest of the products that the company currently offers. I know that I will be purchasing additional products from the company as my rig becomes obsolete in various ways.

Rating: 9.3/10

Noctua NF-P12 PWM (Fan) /

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