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We were able to test out DDR3 RAM from Kingston. The KHX1333C7D3K2 is a value-priced RAM (around $25-45) that will provide individuals’ computing needs for a lengthy cycle. Installation of the RAM is simple, and will seat properly onto whichever motherboard one may be running in their build. The 2X2 (4GB) pairing is coupled with low latency (7-7-7-20), ensuring rapid retrieval of information and an across-the-board decrease in loading time for cutting-edge gams and a wide array of apps. I believe that the dual-channel configuration of the KHX1333C7D3K2 allows for quicker access speed overall, as different requirements can be split over the two physical pieces. By resolving these separately, the KHX1333C7D3K2 runs faster than a similar 1x4GB piece of RAM.

Our testing rig has a tendency to run hot, but the heatspreaders that are included with each stick of this RAM keep things sufficiently cool. For those that are planning on tinkering with this RAM, this is a good thing – even changing the different latencies could not get the RAM to run in any sort of sub-optimal or faulty way.

I would strongly suggest picking up the KHX1333C7D3K2 for any sort of build that one may undertake. The KHX1333C7D3K2 would do well as a straight upgrade onto the DDR3 platform, or even from the older generation of DDR3 sticks. Kudos to Kingston for making RAM one of the less costly components to replace for one’s computer. Double kudos has to go to the company for being so sure about their RAM that they offer a lifetime limited warranty for this product.

Rating: 8.5/10


KHX1333C7D3K2 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 Ram / Kingston HyperX /

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