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This is a beast of a keyboard. The construction is incredibly durable, with the decision to include mechanical keys ensuring that ME3 players can beat the hell out of it without utterly trashing it. The ability to create and store macros on-keyboard will ratchet up a player’s ability, and has been implemented in a way that is simple and intuitive.

Razer has included a number of aesthetic additions that further increase the value of the BlackWidow Ultimate. The keys light up to an array of brightnesses (5 in total), while the striping on the left side of the keyboard provides it with a futuristic yet functional feel. For those buying the BlackWidow Ultimate for Mass Effect 3, the keyboard comes with an assault rifle that is only available here. I liked the ability to turn off the Windows key – it has single-handedly been the cause of about 1,000 deaths over the course of my time playing PC games. Combine this with the blistering-fast response time (1MS), and one will ensure that your Shepard can get off shots before any of the baddies can.

For those that have their PC in an enclosed place, Razer has placed a number of plugs and jacks into this keyboard. This means that one can plug in their headphones or any USB peripheral without having to struggle to get the plug into the back of their computer. The BlackWidow Ultimate is priced at $139.99, but will be the last keyboard you need. The durability of this keyboard is due to its solid construction; at 3.3 pounds, it will withstand whatever physical assault one levies at it. With the mechanical keys, it can even weather a drink or food spill. Make sure to pick up this keyboard if you would like to remove any structural impediment to video games – if you die after picking up the BlackWidow Ultimate, it’s your own damn fault. Buy it from the Razer Zone – .

Rating: 9.6/10

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate / MSRP: $139.99 / /

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