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The World of Warcraft trading card deck has just released four premade decks; Murkdeep (shaman), Elderlimb (druid), Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (hunter), and Jaina Proudmoore
(mage). These Champion Decks come with additional materials – there is a reprint card, tokens, booster pack (Crown of the Heavens), and a hero card placed alongside the different rule books.  The reprinted cards are some of the most powerful in the World of Warcraft TCG; Hemet Nesingwary and Darion Mograine make their triumphant return here. The loot card could make everything worthwhile – for those that play World of Warcraft online, the Blazing Hippogryph is one of the sharpest mounts that we have seen.

The decks all have tremendous synergy together. While there is some sense that part of a deck set will be weaker than the others, those in the World of Warcraft are crafted to the same level. The draw and a player’s skill is what will ultimately determine the winner of the game, rather than the specific cards that are present in each deck. The MSRP of these decks – $12.00 – makes them into something that will not break the bank. Furthermore, by putting up $50 and purchasing all of the sets, one can have 24 different styles of matches. Total all of the time spent going through these game and the outlay becomes far lower than if one would bowl, go to a movie, or even hang around a mall with one’s friends.

The World of Warcraft Champion Decks are perfect as a birthday gift or as placement in a stocking. They also represent a great introduction to the World of Warcraft trading card game. Keep an eye out for the Tomb of the Forgotten expansion, which drops down in stores on June 12th.

Rating: 8.7/10

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