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Cardio Igniter is a new product from Top Secret Nutrition. It is a pre-workout, and it currently comes in a fruit punch formulation. The carbohydrates (5) and calories (15) are low, while the sheer amount of energy and drive one will be given is simply astounding. This pre-workout contains a number of compounds (Vitamins B6, B12, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium) that highlight and further facilitate the company’s proprietary lipobolic blend. This blend represents the lion’s share of Cardio Igniter, and works in a number of ways.

The variety of ways in which Cardio Igniter benefits those looking to workout is legion; the product is formulated to provide long-lasting energy (caffeine, Beta Alanine), protecting lean muscle (L-Tyrosine, Amino Shield), and even burn fat (Raspberry Ketones, Uva-ursi powder). Top Secret has included a few cutting-edge compounds in Cardio Igniter; Advantra Z (Citrus Aurantium) has been touted for its ability to make pounds drop off, while evodiamine ensures that extra calories will not be taken up. The amount of energy one will receive during their supplementation with Cardio Igniter is constant. No matter whether an individual has just began using the product or is finishing their tub, they will experience the same uptick in energy from Cardio Igniter. The miscibility of Cardio Igniter is much better than other pre-workouts; after a vigorous shake, one will not have to suffer through sandy dregs. The fruit punch flavor is akin to a children’s fruit punch; Top Secret has a tasty beverage here.

Make it a point to check out the Top Secret website for more information about the company’s product line and how they can assist you with achieving the body and overall health that you desire.

Rating: 8.7/10

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