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Tyranny of Goblins is a great addition for players of Dungeon Command. This sub-$40 set contains a wide array of miniatures that can be used as graphical additions to any Dungeons & Dragons command or as a new force to go against Dungeon Command players. Wizards has added enough twists and turns to Tyranny of Goblins that overall strategies employed have to shift; by continuing to provide support for some of the most well-loved tribes, Wizards of the Coast has ensured that there is an excited fan base for this title.

For those that have other releases in the Dungeon Command line, I would strongly suggest to pick and choose some forces from the Tyranny of Goblins set to add to their forces. There is considerable synergy that can be found should one make a blended troop from the Heart of Cormyr or Sting of Lolth expansions.

A pro-tip here: the cards included in the Tyranny of Goblins set can also be used in the D&D Adventure System board games (Castle Ravenloft, The Legend of Drizzt), to add further legs to these titles. Tyranny of Goblins can be purchased at a number of online retailers, as well as any well-stocked local game store. Keep an eye out for further additions to the Dungeon Command line;  Curse of Undeath will drop down at the end of November. For those that are on a smaller budget, do not fret; the Tyranny of Goblins set can allow two players to go up against each other. Regardless, the Tyranny of Goblins expansion to Dungeon Command is solid, and should be considered as a stocking stuffer or as a gift during this holiday season.

Rating: 8.2/10

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