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The honest tracks that are so prevalent during Home are precisely the reason why Valentine shines so bright as an artist. Make sure to check out his website and see what stops he may be making through the end of 2012 and into 2013. Between Those Lines is a careful bit of acoustic rock that marries together intelligent arrangements with an alluring set of vocals. The bluegrass and folk-heavy composition is extraordinarily clean, while the two sets of vocals are absolutely delectable. By My Side adds hints of rock to the blend, taking on the styles of Jason Mraz and Sean Lennon even as Valentine’s vocals continually shine.

Come Back to Bed showcases a decidedly different side to Bobby Joe Valentine than had been heard on Home; the urging of his vocals will stir the hearts of anyone listening in. I personally like the vocal range that he touches upon during Come Back to Bed; fans of Billy Joel and John Mellencamp will adore this track. Real Love tie together the works of Rusted Root, the Dave Matthews Band, and the Appleseed Cast in a way that is absolutely beautiful. Where the trend in Home was to let Valentine’s vocals do the heavy lifting, the guitars break free and create a track that will resound in listeners’ minds and hearts long after Home has ceased to spin. Warm is the Light slows things down and includes finger-snapping and piano; Bobby Joe Valentine looks back into the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries for a timeless type of track. Purchase a copy of Home if you would like something familiar and impressive but utterly differentiated from the typical fare being created today.

Top Tracks: Chase Away My Dark, Til the Clock Strikes Forever

Rating: 8.7/10

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