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The malty flavor of the Dubbel Reserve is moderated nicely by the 7% ABV. This dark beer has hints of chocolate and coffee as a nutty flavor concludes the experience. The lack of carbonation in the Dubbel Reserve is absolutely perfect, as there is a smoothness that ensures that a bottle will be drained with the utmost quickness. With all of these facets considered, one would do better to experience rather than merely drink the Dubbel Reserve. Make sure to purchase additional bottles of the Dubbel Reserve to condition in the bottle; additional sides and flavors will reveal themselves as the beer continues to age.

The body of the Dubbel Reserve is utterly complex, revealing a different set of notes with each subsequent sip. Where other beers in the dubbel tradition are unable to moderate the alcohol content or the big body required to bear these nuances, the Dubbel Reserve is a testament to moderation. One would easily be able to eat a wide array of cheeses or meats when drinking this beer. I feel that it may threaten to overpower a chicken or fish dish, but given the right prodding (a spicy or similarly bold flavoring), that any meat paired with the Dubbel Reserve would shine. The inimitable flavor, strong head, and overall experience makes the Dubbel Reserve into a must have; the beer can be purchased in a 12 or 24 ounce bottle. Check out the Allagash website or their Facebook for more information regarding their slate of 2013 beers and events that they may be having.

Rating: 9.4/10

Allagash Dubbel Reserve (7.0% ABV) / http://www.allagash.com2_95130750_3

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