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I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Lincoln Barr’s record collection stopped sometime in the late 70’s after the first couple of Elvis Costello albums came out and Big Star’s Sister Lover hit the racks… and there ain’t anything wrong with that.


With his laid back vocal delivery over strong power pop melodies Barr and the rest of the crew in Red Jacket Mine (no idea where that name comes from) deliver 11 great tacks on their first proper release. Some of these songs have been heard before when the Seattle band decided to turn out a limited edition of color vinyl 7 inches. Which is ironic once you get through the entirety of Someone Else’s Cake and realize that Red Jacket Mine is much more an “album band” than a “singles band,” as each track seamlessly bleeds into the next with ease.


Songs like the title track and “Have You Got a Permit to Preach on This Corner?” become quick favorites, but there really are no bad tracks on this record. Someone Else’s Cake is a throwback to a time when bands focused on songs over singles.

Red Jacket Mine – Someone Else’s Cake/11 tracks/Fire/2013RedJacketMine_SomeoneElsesCake

Red Jacket Mine Someone Else’s Cake CD Review

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