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The GlassBox engine provides a considerably different feel to SimCity than previous games in the franchise; while this does not change the cartoony flair that is a hallmark of Sims effort, it makes it more immersive and grandiose.  Simcity has streamlined transportation and utilities into the road tool to ensure a quick move from low to medium population cities, while establishing greater functionality at the end-game. This is experienced in the various foci which cities can take (tourism, education, manufacturing, gaming) as well as the market pressures that other areas place on a player’s budget.

The difficulty curve makes it easy to create a city and have it thrive, but establishing a metropolis and having it remain successful is incredibly difficult. The skill required to make a large city thrive is ratcheted up further when players utilize the multiplayer option. Collaboration has been pushed through the inclusion of Great Works (Arcologies); the game is able to ask its players a question vital to sociological theory – will one decide to forgo current largesse for future benefits, and will they be happy when another player receives a greater benefit due to collaborative work?  Philosophical beliefs aside, Simcity is a title that provides just as much variation as the original titles in the franchise while providing a much-needed boosts the graphics and the intuitiveness of the gameplay.

Simcity can be purchased from the Origin digital delivery service and at any department or mall store with video game inventory. Make sure to purchase this title for anyone that likes city simulation titles or wants to have control over a wide segment of the population. Keep an eye on the EA website for more information regarding any updates, patches, or further expansions to Simcity.

Rating: 8.5/10simcity-main

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