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The True Sport Duffle is one of the best bags that we have received for review. The bag is surprisingly deep and contains a number of different pockets in which to place various dirty, ill-fitting, or easily misplaced objects. The build design of the True Sport Duffle is substantial, ensuring that the bag can kick around a truck or take a number of bumps and scrapes before even showing the slightest bit of wear. The zippers and tracks on the bag will keep their form and not tear even with huge loads of clothing, books, or whatever one wants in their True Sport Duffle. This is due to the bag’s Laundry Compression Technology.

The Laundry Compression Technology ensures that individuals can stash a great deal more than they would be able to otherwise fit in a traditional bag. I like the listing that is present in the True Sport Duffle that ensures that the person packing the duffle has everything before they set out on the road. The bag can be utilized for workout gear as well, ensuring that gloves, changes of clothing, chalk, fat grips, and a whole slew of supplements can all fit in with room to spare. The only drawback that the True Sport Duffle has is that the strap could bear to be a little thicker; I feel that what is provided is a little bit on the thin side.

The True Sport Duffle can be purchased from the Genius Pack website for $178. Their company website provides listings for the variety of different products that they offer.  What have your experiences been with Genius Pack or the True Sport Duffle specifically?

Rating: 9.2/10

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