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The build quality of the X-Treme PAC is stellar, ensuring that individuals will have a number of seasons of service before having to purchase another product. The X-Treme PAC tent fits up to two people, and has two doors to ensure ease of movement while in the tent.  There are a number of smart additions to this tent; individuals can stash their phones, lanterns, or otherwise gear in the included pockets, while two stools allows people to stay off the ground. No matter what the climate is, the X-Treme PAC tent can brave it. We were able to stay dry and cozy throughout a fairly substantial thunderstorm (the tent utilizes GoBeDry technology), while the mesh provided ample airflow for those nights when it was hot and sticky. Napier has further increased the value of the tent through the inclusion of two sleeping bags and a carabiner. I would strongly recommend purchasing the X-Treme PAC if you would like to camp and fish and want the experience to be mess free. The tent comes in a single bag to further decrease the space that one needs in a car or truck.

One can find the X-Treme PAC tent for around $220 and can find further information about the product (and the rest of the company’s line) at .

Rating: 9.0/10


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