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Vampire Slayer is a dark elixir, one that blends equal parts chocolate and cream and ends with a very bold ending. The beer pours with an inky darkness, topped by a small amount of off-white lacing. This beer would work with a steak or similarly hardy meal, but I believe that Vampire Slayer should be experience in a singular setting. The complexity of the beer will continue to yield different and exciting twists and turns as one finishes the bottle.

A warmth will build as one continues to drink the beer, assisted by the small amount of carbonation that the beer possesses. With each subsequent sip, a different array of flavors come into focus. This means that vanilla, cocoa, coffee, licorice, and hints of smoke all become prevalent as one continues to drink. Vampire Slayer feels like a double in the late alcohol kick, which reminds imbibers of the 10% ABV of the beer. Taken all together, Vampire Slayer is a complete beer and balances inimitable flavors with te perfect amount of alcohol. This makes Vampire Slayer into one of the best beers that we have the chance to review so far this year.

Check out the Clown Shoes website (  ) or for more information about the brewery, their efforts, and what they have planned for the end of the year. Vampire Slayer can be purchased in 22 ounce bottles all year.

Rating: 9.4/10



Vampire Slayer Beer Review / Imperial Stout / Clown Shoes Brewery / 10.00% ABV / http://www.clownshoesbeer.comClownShoes_Vampire_violet2-e1322741749285


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