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I am an amateur weightlifter as well as a reviewer for NeuFutur. When I do certain exercises such as deadlifts, snatches, and the clean and jerk my shins require extra protection. Zensah women’s compression socks have become a must have for me during and after my workouts. Zensah’s women’s compression socks provide the right amount of pressure in the calves; the socks are tight enough they increase your blood circulation and in turn bring more of that much needed oxygen to your muscles. This allows for a longer and stronger work out. I also recommend using the socks after your workout. The increased blood flow can also help recovery times and post workout soreness. Zensah women’s compression socks are made of high quality materials with a reinforced toe and heel; you can choose from three different sizes and seven different colors. The socks are light weight and comfortable. They wick away sweat while keeping your body temperature stable. I would recommend these socks to anyone who is active and would like considerably greater support coupled with considerable comfort.

Make sure to check out the Zensah website for more information about the compression socks and the rest of their product line.

Rating: 9.5/10

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