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This is one of the few BCAA products that we can get fully behind. While some BCAA-containing supplements contain a solid flavor, miscibility, or collection of amino acids, few of them are able to combine all three. A scoop (15 grams) of BCAA Blast contains 55 calories, no fat, cholesterol, or sodium. The 5 grams of carbs which are present per-scoop are combined with SNI’s proprietary Ethyl Ester Recovery Complex. A 2:1:1 combination of the three major amino acids are presented alongside HICA (early evidence has showed a positive correlation between the compound and long-lasting muscle gains), Glutamine, and additional ancillary vitamins (C, B6). BCAA Blast is rounded out with piperine, a derivative of black pepper that has been purported to have an effect on inflammation.

The fruit punch flavor of BCAA Blast is reminiscent of the mixed drinks that one had when they were a child. When compared to the unnatural or plain bad flavors of other BCAA efforts on the market, having a beverage that recalls childhood is simply fantastic.

More information about BCAA Blast and SNI Performance can be found at the company’s website, – visit them today for information about their new products and storefront. BCAA Blast is one of the best intra and post-workout supplements that we have had the chance to review this year, and comes in two other flavors – Blue Raspberry and Watermelon.

Rating: 9.1/10

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