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The durability of the keyboard ensures that players will be able to eke out years of use, no matter how hard to brutal the player’s gaming style may be. I feel that the lighting options available on the Apex provides the perfect amount of customization, while the bumps that are present on the W key make it a breeze to get back to the right finger placement. For those players that want to stay immersed in their video game, the ability to disable the return to Windows is a godsend. There have been a number of times that I have been playing some game, accidentally hit the Windows key, and then have had my game completely fail without saving.


The Apex Gaming Keyboard also allows players to set up a variety of macros. In those sort of titles that require high clicks per seconds (LoL or Starcraft), the ability to set up these macros is absolutely essential. There is good use for these macro options (88 in all) for those individuals that are not even gaming; being able to bring up different functions with each macro keeps efficiently high across every type of computer usage. This keyboard also contains a set of media buttons that make it incredibly easy to change the volume and provide further nuance to the keyboard experience while gaming; the Steelseries Apex is one of the most versatile keyboards that we have had the chance to review.


Individuals that wish to purchase the Apex Gaming Keyboard can find it for around $75-100. Further information about the Apex Gaming Keyboard and the rest of Steelseries’ efforts can be located at their domain.


Rating: 9.0/10


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