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This beer pours with a very reddish-brown hue and a very small but persistent white head. The beer blends toasted malts with a slight hint of hops. Taken together, the introduction that one has with the 20” Brown will be a good one. As the beer warms up, a solid amount of sweetness will ensure that the beer is inviting without hitting too strongly on the malt, barley, or hop side of things. The beer is tied up nicely with hints of nuts, biscuits, and dark fruits (figs). The end of each sip has a built-in palette cleanser. The bite of the beer here refreshes while providing yet another facet for imbibers to enjoy. The designation of brown ale includes a number of differing efforts; of these, I feel that the 20” Brown is able to invite new fans into the style while having a distinct and complex enough nature to even impress the veterans.

Make sure to visit the Cascade Lakes website for more information about their year-round and seasonal efforts; the brewery updates their news section frequently with all of their happenings.

Rating: 8.7/10

20” Brown Ale /  5.3% ABV / Cascade Lake Brewing Company /

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