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Alex Von Z is a musician that is reaching out to his fans for assistance. The music that he creates speaks to a wide array of fans, and touches upon a considerable amount of genres and styles. The eclectic style which is present through tracks like Drawn, What It Should Be, and Chocolate Covered Karma is no doubt due to his upbringing, which brought him to two polar opposite cities – Philadelphia, PA and Phoenix, AZ. From there, Alex fell in love with a variety of instruments including alto saxophone, trombone, and piano, all of which play a tremendously powerful role in the formation of each track he finishes. Over the course of the last thirteen years, Alex has taken a much more serious role in the creation of music. Whether it was as a member of a band or as a solo artist, Alex Von Z has continually given it all he has and has made music that is effecting and always at the cutting edge. Never worrying about looking back into his considerable influences, what issues forth today is something that will appease fans both young and old in a wholly unique way from what is currently being played on the radio. In the years since Alex first put his toe in the water of being a professional musician, he has reached an additional level of enlightenment. Taking on a vegan lifestyle as well as reading up and involving himself in Bhakti yoga, Alex has ensured that his inspiration comes from a pure and honest place.

Make sure to visit and sponsor his Kickstarter campaign to allow him the opportunity to take the music world by storm. One can access this campaign at , and can hear examples of Alex’s music at his own domain, . Here’s to hoping Alex Von Z is able to realize his desires with this upcoming full-length and can continue to evolve and grow with any subsequent recordings that may be coming down the pipeline.

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