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The Upslope IPA is a formidable experience. The beer pours with a small head and with a ruddy reddish-brown coloration. The initial nose of the Upslope IPA is very astringent, linking together citrus notes with hints of grass. Despite a 10% ABV, the beer goes down extraordinarily easy. There is a fairly substantial hop backbone that permeates the beer at all points. What the Upslope does is push the boundaries of the IPA style into something that is absolutely approachable for individuals, no matter what beer style that they typically approach. There are hints of citrus fruit, cereal, and a strong hint of bitterness. The can comes in a fairly large format (1 pint, 3.2 fluid ounces) that will make it easy to begin, continue, and end a session.

Make sure to visit the Upslope website for more information about the whole of Upslope’s efforts and the variety of beers that they are currently canning. The Imperial IPA style will be something that a wide variety of imbibers can appreciate; look for Upslope efforts in your neck of the woods and see precisely what the company has created with this beer.

Rating: 8.6/10

Upslope Imperial India Pale Ale / Upslope Brewing Company / 10% ABV /

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