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Strike Brewing Company is behind the aptly-named Strike IPA. The beer pours with a hazy reddish-brown color and a considerable amount of head. There is a considerable hop presence that pervades all aspects of this IPA, ensuring that those that seek out the most assertive and in-your-face releases will be appeased. Hints of pine, flowers, and other astringent notes can all be discerned, while the beer gradually opens up to a malt assertiveness that concludes with a more dry finish. 5.9% may not put this beer at the high end of IPA offerings, but I feel that the bite of the beer coupled with the decent alcohol percentage will ensure that individuals will be able to appreciate this brew.

Strike has a number of other releases that can be located at their website, which also contains considerable information about the brewery’s latest happenings, the locations of their brews, and biographical information about their company. Locate the nearest Strike-stocking store and evaluate their IPA today. If you are a fan of india pale ales, what Strike has brewed will definitely be up your alley.

Rating: 8.5/10

Strike IPA / 5.9% ABV / 89 IBU /  22 Ounce / /

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