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Kyocera has made a perfect set of ceramic knives that maintain their edge, are fashionable, and are priced at a point that make them a perfect purchase for a housewarming gift, a wedding present, or even just as a spontaneous pickup for the loved ones in their lives.

The cuts that each knife – the 3 inch paring, the 4.5 inch utility, the 5.5 inch Santoku, and the 6 inch Chef’s – provide is absolutely astounding. One can achieve a fineness with cutting meats, fruits, or vegetables that simply cannot be compared. The bamboo block which the knives reside is made of solid bamboo, ensuring that the knives (and the hands of everyone in the household) will be protected; the block comes with a set of rubber feet that ensures that the knives will remain in the same place rather than sliding across a stove or countertop. If a purchaser wishes to have their knives sharpened after owning the knife block set for any length of time, Kyocera just requires $10 in shipping and handling, and they will be able to sharpen and send back the set with a similarly-keen edge as when the set was originally purchased. The handles are substantive enough to allow individuals a solid handle on the knives, while the weighting of the knives allows for the finest cuts without having to hold the knife in an awkward or dangerous position.

The Kyocera Advanced Ceramics website provides additional information about the company’s range of product offerings, the different colors which they provide, and the wide array of price points at which they sell their knives.

Rating: 10/10

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