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Craymo is a singer/songwriter that has attempted to create his own niche with his latest single, Love You More. The track is unique in the fact that it is tremendously personal – Craymo has commissioned the track for his long-time partner – while still resounding loudly to anyone that has ever felt love, whether it be for an individual or for a family.

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The track benefits from stellar production, creating an experience that is easily comparable to anything that listeners can locate on rock rotation. The dynamic that is created between the instrumental and the vocal elements has the effect of pushing each side to a higher plateau, while the track is wrapped up nicely with a bow at its inevitable conclusion.

I feel that the track speaks to the widest swath of potential fans, as the style works well in the sixties and seventies iterations of rock, while there is something decidedly current and contemporary that is present here. The clap track and lively bass that can be heard here provides a fullness to the track that allows it to resound with listeners for a considerable time after they have played the track. The subtle shifts and twists that Craymo presents here provides considerable replay value to this track, while giving listeners something to focus in on and glean on repeat listens. The summer is shining bright for Craymo, as Be Myself (currently available at his ReverbNation) is a bold and interesting change from Craymo’s previous efforts. There is a very positive and confident sound here that will give a similar bost to anyone that feels out of place or has been bullied. The more vocal-heavy Be Myself works in more of an eighties rock (think Styx or Europe) meets Maroon 5 format.

Listeners that wish to locate more information about Craymo can do so at a variety of websites; Love You More can be located on his Soundclick, while Be Myself is located at his ReverbNation. Make sure to check out Craymo’s Twitter and Facebook for the latest information concerning his singles, latest pursuits, and an overall sunny disposition that matches well what is heard in any of his singles.

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