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There is a limited edition offering from Brooklyn Brewery that looks to go and define the American sour style. The beer comes ornately designed and can be purchased for around 25 to 30 dollars depending on where you are at. When one does open the Wild Streak bottle there are sour fruits and vinegar notes that issue forth from the bottle. The beer pours with a light orange / dark yellow coloration with a small amount of head. The initial sip of this Wild Streak starts yielding hands of dark fruits, wine, with the trappings of a Belgian or German style.


The beer comes down extra ordinarily easy despite its 10 percent ABV – the beer comes in 750 ml bottles but the flavor profile is so appealing even for those that are not fans or have not experienced the unique qualities of a sour beer. The levels at which one can enjoy this effort are substantial meaning that one will need to go and taste the effort as it warms, when it has sat for a moment and really see how the bouquet, mouth feel, and the specific constellations of flavors that are present change. This is a simply sublime beer one that individual should locate at the earliest convenience. For those individuals that are sour fans or just love beers done right the Wild Streak is a must purchase – I cannot imagine a better birthday or holiday gift for the individual that is a fan of beer.


Rating: 9.0/10

Brooklyn Brewery Wild Streak / Barrel-Aged Wild Brett Ale / 10.0% ABV / .


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