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Guinness Blonde American Lager is a beer that completely redefines the company’s overall offerings. This beer is the antithesis of what the stout represents. Where the stout is a beer that is dark, velvety, and goes down like a blend of coffee and cocoa, the blonde is an effort that pours with a very light straw color. Where the stout has a nose that is sweet and sugary, the blonde has a more hay / grass type of flavor to its nose and hints of hops present at the initial sips of the Blonde. Like the style the blonde has an eminent drinkability. The beer represents an interesting new edition to the Guinness product line, and I feel that the beer knocks it out of the park. Make sure to purchase a six pack of Guinness Blonde American Lager at your local beer store, supermarket or any other local bar or watering hole that has Guinness offerings on the regular. One should look to spend around 7 to 10 dollars on a six pack of the beer; purchase it before it flies off of the shelves.

Rating: 8.2/10

Guinness Blonde American Lager / 5% ABV /

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