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We received a Thorinder in the mail a few weeks ago. We were able to utilize it and had a few thoughts about the product. This Thorinder is painted, or powder coated, with a very catching powder black color. There is a clear top to the Thorinder lid ensuring that individuals can see the plant material be ground and disappear into the lower levels of the grinder. This Thorinder has teeth on the top part to ensure that the plant material is properly pulverized, meaning that one is able to utilize the broken the plant material in a very constant and consistent fashion.



When one opens the middle part of the grinder, they will be provided with a very small ground portion of material. If one opens up the bottom part of the grinder, what they will see is an accumulation of the pollen from the previous amount of material. The overall design of the Thorinder is incredibly intuitive and will ensure that individuals can utilize the product for years. One will be able to purchase the Thorinder at website, and should look to spend about $70.


For anyone that is looking to break up herbs, spices, and other plant material, the Thorinder is the absolute top of the line. We will make sure to continue utilizing this Thorinder no matter if we are making any sort of Italian pasta dish, creating a spice blend, or if we choose to break down any sort of hops or other plant material. Let us know what you think about the grinder, and we will go and place the comments on our website.

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