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The Zephyr Ion is an herbal vaporizer that is the best in its class. The Ion is a bag system meaning that the vapor from the herbs placed inside the machine is fully converted to vapor in the bag. The Ion has a temperature control, ensuring that all sorts of herbal matter (numerous varietals) can be vaporized. The system utilizes a red – green coloration that provides great ease in determining whether the machine has reached a proper temperature. The mouthpiece that is provided has a squeeze control, so that individuals can open and close the bag at their own leisure. While the vapor can become stale while in one of these bags (over the course of an hour) the ability to go and hold on to the container for a distinct length of time ensures greater conversion of the active ingredients from the plant material. Placing the bag on the Ion is very easy.zephyr -ion-aromatherapy-vaporizer

One needs only open the valve on the mouthpiece and gently place the bag and mouthpiece on the machine itself. These Zephyr Ion will rapidly fill bags of any size, ensuring that one has the perfect amount of vapor for whatever their needs. We were given 2 sizes of bags for the review. The first bag – about 18 to 24 inches – is a very solid single person bag. There was a party size bag that was included with the Ion as well; this bag is considerably larger than the single use bag, ensuring that 4-6 individuals can partake in the vapor. Replacement of the bags is a simple process. One needs only pop open the top part of the mouthpiece and pull out the zip tie that holds the bag to the mouthpiece. After one removes the zip-tie, it is simple enough to purchase or locate a new bag and place it over the mouthpieces valve, putting a new zip tie on the bag. The device costs around $460, a far amount less than other similar devices that are currently on the market. Make sure to purchase the Zephyr Ion for anyone that is celebrating a birthday, for the holiday season, or for fans of vaporization in your family or workplace.

Rating: 9.5/10

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