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When it comes to dildos and other marital aides there seems to be a small portion of the items available in normal adult themed stores. It is difficult with a mature subject material for many individuals that are interested to find the proper device for their specifications. Vixen Creations is a company that creates an array of different dildos to ensure that a person is able to have the right device for whatever their fantasies require.


Our experience with Vixen Creations lead us to receive a purple dildo – Randy – which possesses a circumference of over 2 inches (2 ¼”). When compared to the average girth of a man this is on the high average, very nearly approaching a unrealistic size – this means that many stores would not look to stock this item. By approaching those people that would be interested in this type of esoteric item Vixen Creations goes and really listens to the requirements of their buyers. The dildo has a length within the normal specifications – 5 3/4th inches. The array of different dildos that the company makes means that whatever one likes being a thicker or longer or otherwise differently shaped phallus that the company will sell something up your alley. The dildo was cast in a silicone that will hold up to repeat use and cleaning.


Make sure to visit the company’s website at for more information about the entirety of their product lines, new additions to the site, and to ask for further information about the purchasing and maintenance of these items. We simply cannot be happier.

Rating 9.5 / 10


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