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We were lucky enough to be invited to the Outback Steakhouse in Akron Ohio. We are pleased to say that the experience that we had at the restaurant was amazing. When we entered it was only a few minute wait before we received our table – the person at the front was extremely hospitable. After we sat down it was only another few brief moments before our waiter for the night took our drink orders and put in our request for a bloomin’ onion. We were surprised at how rapidly we first received our drinks and then received the aforementioned onion. We were able to have a few brief minutes of discussion before our entrees were delivered to our table.Outback_Steakhouse_CA


I had purchased the steak and ask that it be prepared medium rare. When I received the plate containing the steak I checked and was greeted with a warm pink center. My wife purchased a the sirloin and choice of shrimp dish and had a similarly positive experience with the preparation and the plating. We were checked up on a few times while we were working on our entrees. We talked ourselves into the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. This dessert was large enough for both of us to enjoy – at a price around 8 to 10 dollars this dessert puts the cherry on a delectable dining experience. The rest of the restaurant all seem to be in good repair – TVs were on and showing sports, the bathroom was clean and well stocked, and the restaurant was busy but still cycled customers at a regular clip. The Outback Steakhouse that we visited was great and one only need go to the Outback Steakhouse website at for additional information regarding their menu, the nutrition facts of each dish that they serve, & a locator for where exactly the local Outback Steakhouse is in your neck of the woods.

Rating: 9.5 / 10.



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